6 Signs it Might Be Time to Upsize Your Dahlonega Home

Just because you can afford to doesn’t necessarily mean you should upsize your Dahlonega home. But assuming you can afford to buy more spacious digs, would it be a good idea?

It’s not a given that bigger is always better. Just look at the whole phenomenon of tiny houses. Despite all the talk about living small though, some trend-trackers observe sales of larger homes are ticking up with the improving economy, especially among younger people.

So are you thinking about selling your small home and living a little larger?

Here are 6 signs it might be time to upsize your Dahlonega home:

  1. You have to wait in line to use the bathroom. Routinely! Maybe you have to lean over the sink on tiptoes to put on your make-up or trim your beard while children fight for the faucet below to brush their teeth. Do you have a bath and shower schedule for everyone in the house? Do you even get enough “me” time in the bathroom to ever enjoy a bath?
  2. Your needs for space have changed. Maybe you’re expanding your family to add little ones or older adults. Or a chance to telecommute to a job or start a new home-based business have made an office in your Dahlonega home a must-have. Maybe relocating the treadmill/towel and sweater rack to a space dedicated as a home gym is all that’s standing between you and your best self!
  3. You love to have dinner parties and entertain friends and family, but your dining area is only big enough for six people. And it’s always covered up with laundry and school projects anyway. Cooking? Yeah, you can get the job done, but you won’t be dishing out gourmet fare from this
  4. You send even your closest out-of-town friends and family to hotels because you don’t have a guest room or an extra bed. Or space for a fold-out sofa. Or room for any more people to wait in the line for the bathroom.
  5. There’s no place to send young misbehavers for “time out,” and you’re all getting crabbier by the day. Overcrowding a home with people and stuff can create chaos and stress for everyone. A little privacy isn’t really a luxury. It’s a necessity and, some would argue, maybe even an inalienable right!
  6. You can comfortably afford the larger mortgage payment, as well as the higher cost of utilities and maintenance associated with additional square footage you’ll enjoy when you upsize your Dahlonega home.

Sue Jones

Looking to buy or sell a home in the Dahlonega area? Sue Jones, a native and resident of the North GA area, is a specialized realtor that can help you navigate the local real estate market. Contact her for your local residential or commercial real estate needs.

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