Retirees Cite a Variety of Reasons to Retire to Dahlonega

The best real estate agents and brokers have an edge on all the rest: We listen and understand what really motivates our clients to buy homes where they do. Take retirees, for example. There are a variety of reasons they may choose to retire to Dahlonega. A smart agent will get to know the real reasons they want to retire to Dahlonega—their “stories,” so to speak –to hone in on a home that suits their wishes.

Sure, there’s the breathtaking beauty of the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. There are waterfalls and rivers, forests, wildlife and a mild climate. Who wouldn’t want to live here? You can find some of these features in other places, though. So what makes this particular locale so attractive to retirees? In many cases, they’re buying more than a home. They’re moving to Dahlonega to buy a dream, a goal, a memory, maybe a feeling of belonging.

Here are a few of the reasons senior house hunters say they want to retire to Dahlonega:

  • “My dream has always been to live on a small farm in the North Georgia mountains.”
  • “I’ve lived and worked and raised my kids out in the county. Now I’m ready for a cute little cottage close to the square in the middle of town—close to everything.”
  • “We came up for a few festivals and just knew we wanted move up here when we retired.”
  • “Our children and grandchildren live here in Dahlonega. We want to live near them.”
  • “We’ve still got our health and we plan to stay active. I love the variety of outdoor activities in this area.”
  • “Our friends bought a house up here and they love it. They talked us into
    moving to Dahlonega and even set us up with the same great local real estate agent they used.”
  • “The University of North Georgia being here was a big part of our decision. They have concerts, art shows, speakers and the observatory that the community is invited to participate in. A lot of it’s free. Plus there’s a great selection of Continuing Education programs and classes.”
  • ”My career took me away from Dahlonega for years. I just want to come home.”

They say kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Emotions often tip the scale—sometimes maybe a little too much. But face it: there are always practical financial and budget considerations when it comes to choosing where you’re going to retire and what you’re going to live in.

Money isn’t everything. But it’s practically everything if you’re shopping for a house with your working years and earned income behind you. That’s why retirees’ ears perk up when we tell them Dahlonega has been named “Best Value Retirement City” by U.S. News and World Report. For one thing, there are senior homestead exemptions that lower—or do away with altogether—homeowner property taxes. And for retirees who want to pick up some acreage along with their homes, there are land conservation exemptions available that provide incentives for leaving certain tracts of land undeveloped.

Whatever it is you’re looking for as you leave the working world behind, think about these common reasons that so many retirees choose to retire to Dahlonega before you make your decision.

Sue Jones

Looking to buy or sell a home in the Dahlonega area? Sue Jones, a native and resident of the North GA area, is a specialized realtor that can help you navigate the local real estate market. Contact her for your local residential or commercial real estate needs.

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